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Made to Awaken the Goddess within you. MADE IN ITALY

So you hold it in your hands, knowing the truth in your heart and having the courage to stay true to your heart’s desires.

That is the biggest act of love and loving.


PATARA Clutch tells the story of whatever your heart wants to tell, and whatever your soul wants to manifest and longs for.


I get so inspired walking through the ancient cities, remembering how developed some civilizations should have been and will be in the future.

There is a time that exists that is beyond what we see now.

Where the Divine Feminine is sacred, where that life force, that energy is alive & embodied in every being; truly seen, adored, adorned, respected, and valued deeply. This is awakening.

Where women hold the truth and carry the wisdom from generation to generation. Where Divine Feminine is seen and witnessed in every living being.

The seashells, sea creatures symbolize this Divine Feminine energy, the sexual energy, protection, the nurturance, creative and loving energy of the feminine.

24K Gold Plated Mussels bring about the salty sea breeze that protects and carries the codes of this knowing.

And the columns represent your protection, that you are always protected, even and especially when you are seen, witnessed, free and naked in your truth. The snake represents transformation, wisdom and protection.

Made in Italy with the finest materials


Luxurious Terry Fabric and inside lining Washed Canvas

All 100% Cotton

Puffy and soft to your senses and to Mama Gaia


Certain variations within the print colors are normal due to the naturalness and craftsmanship of the product.

Please handle with love and care.

You can wipe your clutch with a damp cloth when necessary.


May you be seen and nurtured in the loving energy of the Goddess within, witnessed by both the Masculine and the Feminine, wild and free.