Holding Space

KHEWELLA holds the space for sisterhood, for empowering oneself and others.

We love sacred space, holding rituals, dancing barefoot and singing together, the nourishing effect of being around other sisters, the juiciness of being barefoot on earth, sand, feeling the breeze, calling all our ascended masters, guides and angels. 
We love holding circles, of witnessing and being witnessed with total acceptance and presence, embracing all parts of oneself both the light and the dark, the sacred dance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within all of us. 
We deeply value and cherish our deep bond with Mother Earth and the stars and all beings on this planet and beyond.
KHEWELLA holds the space to empower minorities, empower what has been suppressed for many many years, and what is ready to awaken to heal all us within and without.
I hope these dresses, accessories, swimwear will make you feel empowered when you put them on and may they encourage you to be authentically you sister. 
Because your truth is so much needed on this earth right now.
I see you. I celebrate you.
You are in this circle. You are witnessed. 
And So It Is!