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This luxurious Terry Fabric + washed canvas lining handbag tells the story of the ultimate union of the DIVINE FEMININE and DIVINE MASCULINE.

When the Masculine and the Feminine is restored, healed, balanced, seen, heard and united within every woman and men.

When we see, heal, hear, activate and unite in unconditional love, the sovereign Feminine and Masculine in ourselves, true strength is achieved.

We would only then experience True Bliss in the world.

This handbag also is a love letter.

It is the Divine Union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine and the celebration of their sacred dance in communion. It is their unconditional love that is infinite. It is Love in its highest form that brings two souls together to bring balance, harmony, love, fiery passion, support, celebration, awakening to themselves and to the whole world. This Union is for the highest good of all.

It activates something profound and magical.

The 24K GOLD Plated Ancient Egypt Pharaoh represents the true Divine Masculine- how it is strong, generous, sovereign, present, protector, passionate lover, how it roars to protect his woman but also has infinite compassion, stability, kindness, fairness, devotion, commitment, an action taker with focus and attention, driven and charming. It is the Divine Masculine in every woman and man.

I have a deep connection with The Pleiades Star Constellation you see on this design- it followed me in the sky in my childhood and adulthood- a nod to all the Lightworkers, star gazers, shape shifters, Gate Holders…to all the sisters & brothers that contribute to the highest good of all.

This handbag is good to your senses, it is soft, luxurious and smooth on your body. Super lightweight and perfect size for you to carry your magic with ease.

And it is good for the environment. Vegan, 100% cotton, good to Mama Gaia and good to your soul. MADE IN ITALY with finest material.

Certain variations within the print colors are normal due to the naturalness and craftsmanship of the product.

Please handle with love and care.

You can wipe your handbag with a damp cloth when necessary.
DIVINE UNION Handbag Sale price$399.00