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100% Cotton - TRI DEVI Tote Bag was created inspired by the Goddess Hecate, the female archetype of The Witch that resides in all of us, and many other deities and dark Goddesses. TRI DEVI holds accents and spirit of other Goddesses that are with me in my journey, and they are shown through symbols such as Olive Tree Leaves, seashells..
The Witch archetype is the one who senses, who knows and sees beyond the visible realm and knows what to do with this knowing.

Hecate is associated with crossroads, herb medicine, magic, night, is the protector, and rules over the sea, the land and the sky, holds a key and a torch in her hand. Carrying the wisdom and shows you the way in the darkness when you need it.

Behold sister. We have been taught to fear the darkness, as many female archetypes were intimidating to the patriarchy, as the Goddess within all of us is boundless and sovereign.

As we face and embrace our shadow side, and as we work with the Dark Goddesses as well as the Light Goddesses, we can create miracles and embody True Love on this planet.

We come from the darkness and that’s where creation occurs.

Protection, the call for justice, transformative fire, shadow work, the tarot, the night, the moon, the depth of the oceans and waters of the earth, all represent the dark.

And Light can only coexist with the dark.

I hope this bag empowers all that is within you.
You are whole and wholly with both your Light and your Shadow.

May you be liberated and inspire other sisters to meet in a circle every Full Moon barefoot, wild and free.
TRI DEVI Tote Bag Sale price$22.00