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I imagined women walking in the most gorgeous, body flattering, comfortalbe dresses & swimwear under the palm trees
barefoot on sand 
and carrying the most magnificent, soft, authentic high quality clutches. 
From morning to evening.
And Here They Are.
KHEWELLA Bikinis are produced with the highest quality of materials in Brazil, all intended to lift things up, create a smooth silhouette, and not dig into your hips so they make you LOOK & FEEL the Goddess You Are.
KHEWELLA Handbags & Clutches are Made in Italy- all Vegan, 100% Cotton, accents 24K Gold Plated and all straps made of biodegradable materials of renewable resources- compostable in nature.
One Size Goddess Dresses are made in Greece to make you look the Goddess You Are- all made to flatter the body. Because life is about living- and clothes should be soft, comfortable, breathing and always body flattering!