The story begins long time ago, I am remembering. And our collections are a remembrance of those times.

It was long time ago, or it was far in the future, or both. Doesn’t matter. Time is not linear.
These pieces are created with the intention to awaken the Goddess within all of us, in women…
I remember the times where women used to dress in beautiful, body flattering dresses that made them look and feel like Goddesses, each and every one of them, in their daily life.
Maybe I was the creator of dresses and accessories then and I feel the passion to create body flattering and Goddess awakening pieces now again. Because I know with well-made garments, every woman can feel empowered.
With empowered women, truth can be shared, lived and inspired. With true empowered loving women, human culture can start to love Mama Gaia and oneself again. With self knowing, loving mothers; sons and daughters can be raised in high loving vibrations. Masculine and Feminine energies can be restored and healed.
And we can wake up all together to awaken to our true nature and purpose on this beautiful planet.
Our intention is to go fully respectable and loving all steps of the way to Mother Earth in the way we work, engage, create and make choices.
Blessed Be Sister!