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1:1 Tarot Reading Live Virtual

Sale price$299.00

Yes! I do tarot readings too! We will do a 60 minutes in depth Tarot Reading, on Skype. My approach to Tarot is like self exploration, where it is always self empowering and is all about self awareness and enjoying your journey.

This is a great support for you to actually realize why maybe something is happening in your life, what the messages you are receiving from the universe, what nudges you are getting, what action you should take on certain issue, what can you focus on more to have a more fulfilling life or to fulfill your dreams.

We can focus on an area of your life or you let the cards to the magic. You always get the message that is of most importance. 

And then you will have a chance to ask 3 questions. 

It is about your guides and your higher self communicating to you through the cards.

We will reach out to you after your purchase to schedule the reading.

The reading needs to be scheduled within 30 days after your purchase.
Let's get it.

You receive a free TRI DEVI Tote Bag shipped to any USA address for free with your Tarot Reading purchase.

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1:1 Tarot Reading Live Virtual
1:1 Tarot Reading Live Virtual Sale price$299.00