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Sale price$399.00

Luxurious Terry fabric, inside washed canvas, 100% Cotton, Vegan, 24K Gold Plated acccents

Good to your senses and good to Mama Gaia. MADE IN ITALY with artisans & best craftmanship.

STARS ALIGNING Tote Bag takes you to another time where the sacred Divine Feminine flaunts her beauty and grace with full freedom, untamed, wild and free.

This Tote Bag is designed to be good to all your senses, perfectly lightweight (almost weightless), sofy yummy on your skin and easy size for you to carry whatever magic you wish to embody that day.

So easy to use and versatile- I created this handbag knowing that you can feel fabulous every day and tell your own authentic story carrying this bag. You will inspire others that come your way.

Carrying lots of symbolism, this tote bag is made to support to Awaken the Divine Feminine within as you are always protected. You can be all that you truly are and in that space you are always protected - and with that embodiment, you can create miracles.

24K Gold Plated Mussels bring the salty sea breeze; reminding you of the deep waters of the earth; the mysteries, the knowing in your womb space.

As Above, So Below.

Certain variations within the print colors are normal due to the naturalness and craftsmanship of the product.

Please handle with love and care.

Print design on both sides.

You can wipe your handbag with a damp cloth when necessary.

KHEWELLA is a heart-driven conscious business, we are aware and awake in the way we engage, our choices, materials and products- in the whole process of our work. And we are committed and devoted to evolve and manifest higher everyday.

I love you.

with your purchase, you get TRI DEVI Tote Bag as a gift as well as a KHEWELLA Coaster.

STARS ALIGNING Tote Bag Sale price$399.00