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Rise of Aphrodite Handbag - Golden Light

Sale price$555.00

RISE OF APHRODITE symbolizes the moment that you, my gorgeous, decide to come out of your shell to be seen in your truth & authenticity.

The moment you decide to fully shine bright and be seen in your true glory. 

This is a celebration, because when you come out of your shell, it is a manifestation to self actualize, to become and be witnessed in your true beauty and light.

Just like Aphrodite, that comes out of the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea accompanied by the gorgeous sea creatures & flowers, you are safe to be seen & heard in your true glory & truth. That is the moment you start creating your incredible life.

And I know this handbag will support you and encourage you in that journey, and inspire others around you to see you in your true light & gifts.

The feminine can be soft & yet so strong- just like this handbag.

Rise of Aphrodite Handbag is good to all your senses, is super yummy 100% cotton insode out. Soft, yummy, luxurious Terry Fabric outside, inside is washed canvas and is super lightweight on your shoulders.

It is made with all vegan materials, 100% cotton inside out and the fabulous buckles are all eco-friendly, made with bio-based materials of renewable resources, compostable & biodegradable in nature. 

Made in Italy with finest craftman-ship. 

And the inside two faces has a surprise for you- hand painted pastel hue print is on both inside faces of the Copacabana Beach, inspiring you & others around you.

Inside it has a zipper pocket and open pocket as well.

Good to Mother Earth and good to your skin. 

May you feel empowered, strong, untamed, whole and free to know that you can create the life of your deepest truest vision.

I love you.

With your purchase, you get TRI DEVI Tote Bag as a gift as well as a KHEWELLA Coaster. 


Fabric: Terry Fabric 100% Cotton
Lining: Canvas 100% Cotton

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 43 cm (16.92 inch)
Height: 36 cm (14.17 inch)
Depth: 9 cm (3.54 inch)

Made in Italy by Artisan Craftsmanship
Rise of Aphrodite Handbag - Golden Light
Rise of Aphrodite Handbag - Golden Light Sale price$555.00